Early consignments 3/17-18


80 corriente bred cows and pairs

20 corriente Hfrs

59 corriente Bulls and Hfrs potentials and Ropers

41 super nice corriente cows hvy bred to Cates Bulls

36 fancy corriente pairs  calves are by Cates Bulls

2 Cates Bulls 

12 solid black Hfrs bred to cates Bulls mostly hvy bred a couple pairs

25 aged corriente and corriente longhorn x cows bred to corriente and Romagnola Bulls

32 corriente potential strs and Hfrs

9 corriente Hfrs rdy to rope

15 longhorn steers rdy to rope

30 longhorn corriente x Hfrs bred to black corriente Bulls

10 Corriente cows bred to limflex Bulls

40 corriente and longhorn bred cows

50 Corriente potentials and Ropers 

40 number 1 corriente Bull potentials and Ropers 

100 corriente and longhorn roped out Hfrs 

30 rdy to rope longhorn corriente x strs and Hfrs

30 old timey longhorn strs and Hfrs rdy to rope 

10 solid colored roped out corriente Hfrs been running w black corriente Bulls

35 2 yr old bred corriente Hfrs

30 corriente potential strs

100 corriente strs rdy to rope

20 black corriente strs rdy to rope

9 corriente and longhorn bred Hfrs

15 longhorn corriente x bred cows 

40 corriente Ropers mostly Hfrs a few strs


Expecting 800-1000 cows and 1200-1500 Ropers and potentials


For more info, contact

The Barn : (512) 556-3611

Andy: (512)-902-3540

Email: info@lampasascattleauction.com